SLi Academy

SLi Academy will provide a one-day class on understanding your swing, improving your swing, and utilizing tools to be the best slow pitch softball hitter you can be.
Senior Softball Newsletter "Imlay Launches Hitting Clinic"

Softball Hitting Academy Details

Our classes include much more than just practice. We include mental and physical information to improve your approach as well as muscle memory. It requires knowledge and hard work to become an improved softball hitter.

  • Instruction
    Instruction and drills on overall swing mechanics
  • Analysis
    Hitting instructor analysis of your swing
  • Using a Batting Tee
    How to effectively utilize a batting tee
  • Video
    Video recording of your swing, drills and instruction from Hitting Pros
  • Data
    Data and analysis of your bat speed (before and after hitting the ball), time to the ball, hand speed, swing path, and exit speed.
  • Personal Portfolio
    Electronic portfolio of your individual lessons, drills and practice you learned at the Academy, to reference at home.
  • Best bat size and weight for you!
    Use data to determine best bats, bat weights, and balance/End Load.

Our Philosophy

"Hitting a slow-pitch softball is easy; Hitting a slow-pitch softball consistently hard and accurately is very difficult." - Steven Imlay

The philosophy of the SLi Academy is to provide the basic knowledge of correct swing mechanics that will help a hitter immediately understand what is being done well, and what improvements can be made.

Our goal is to improve your swing and your consistency as a hitter. The real benefit will be the long term result of understanding your correct swing mechanics and analytics to help you improve and maintain your swing for the rest of your softball career.


Video Testimonials

Hear from our students on how they learned to become better hitters at SLi Academy