I just finished playing the Worlds tournament in Vegas, which was the tournament I’ve been focusing on for the last two months.
I attended your camp two months ago with the intention of gaining power. At the time I was averaging 2 home runs a tournament and a 750 BA. My swing speed was around 87 mph at the beginning of the camp and 97 when I left.  I’m convinced it’s now over 100 mph.
After the camp I went home and worked on the overlap grip, level swing, creating lag, and keeping my right elbow down. I hit off the tee 3 days a week, focusing on hitting the ball to all fields using good mechanics while trying to drive it over the 320’ fence.
I bought a punching bag and also made myself a bungee cord trainer.
I’m happy to say, with your help, I performed at a high level. I hit 9 home runs in 7 games, all while maintaining a BA of .833.
I probably took to heart and worked harder on your tips than your average player, but I was adamant in my pursuit. 
Thanks again for the great camp.
Kevin Howland

Attending the Sli Academy reaps immediate rewards. Steve and his staff cover all the basics of hitting mechanics: hands, hips, and shoulders – always emphasizing that the fundamentals of striking the ball, regardless of age, are constant. His innovative hitting drills along with his keen observation skills set the foundation for improving your ability to make solid and consistent contact with the ball. Aside from his obvious knowledge base, Steve also has an infectious attitude toward hitting – he wants you to develop a hitter’s mentality. And the payoff is immediate: In a recent national tournament, I went 10/10 with 6 HRs, 2 being grand slams, in one day. Your results may vary, but the benefits of Steve’s instruction come quickly.

— Bill Griffin

Hi Steve,
Just wanted to thank you again for the instruction in Sacramento. A couple of my teammates called to ask what I thought about the academy. I told them what we went over, how we got measured going in and out, and that I was able to add 15 MPH to my exit speed just by implementing some tweaks that you pointed out. Was also able to finally determine my optimal bat weight by testing exit speed from three different bat weights. Something I’ve been wanting to determine for a while. Based on my improvements, I’m sure that the next time your academy comes to town you’ll see a couple of my teammates there.
-Mark Markarian