Here is my overview of the technical part of our one-day class.

We will do a pre and a post assessment on such items as:

  • Bat path, hand speed, bat speed (before contact and after contact),
  • Bat angle, contact point, time to impact, review your swing in 3D from any angle, attack angle and most important exit speed.
  • Explore deeper analysis and insight about your swing. Build your own custom comparisons based on swing metrics, bats or batting situations.
  • Speed, Power, quickness and control!!

How we will do this is off a tee and option of hitting open field or a large net designed for that activity (these data points shouldn’t vary much from live pitching and hitting off a tee.)

First we will video swings (up to 10) by using Coach’s Eye. The reason we use Coach’s Eye is because it’s easy to work with, loads on any device including phone, quality is excellent, you have ability to slow down the video frame by frame, you can do a side by side comparison of two different swings, automatically uploaded and saved to team file to be shared or stored. This a great tool to really isolate the hitters swing and show flaws or corrections that need to be made. Most hitters never video themselves and really never understand the mechanics of their swing.

Second we will use a program such as Zepp or Diamond Kinetics to video swing which will transfer swing to a 3d format and illustrate hand path, contact point, connecting point, angle of bat, time to impact, and bat speed. Normally you will have 5-10 data points to work with. These date point will be discussed with hitter to prove what we are seeing and what needs to be changed or adjusted.

Third we will use a device known as Pocket Ball Radar. This device will give us accurate exit speed. The device can be used for bat speed as well although storage is a problem (it will store swings 10 or more but can’t transfer data.) This is really what we focus on because bat speed is a part of exit speed but you need the other factors to really produce higher exit speed. Your exit speed should be higher than your bat speed. For every mile an hour you increase exit speed it should relate to at least 5 feet and maybe as much as 10 feet of distance.

We will be able to deliver an updated video of swing with capabilities of frame by frame analysis, data collection points on the above mentioned items and provide exit speed. All accurate information that will help us and even more importantly the client to evaluate and adjust swing mechanics.

We will also provide a process to determine correct bat, bat weight and if El or balance is best for you. We will accomplish this by letting players hit 3-5 balls into the above mentioned net with different bats and bat weights. We will be able to give them data mainly bat speed and exit speed to help them determine the best bat for them.

One of the points that we work with is correct swing mechanics. Utilizing these data point and video will allow us to determine if you have correct swing mechanics or how you can blend your hitting style with correct swing mechanics. We are always looking for faster bat speed and faster exit speeds. You need this data plus an understanding of bat speed and exit speed to improve your speed.

This is a quick explanation of how we are going to incorporate technology into our one-day Academy’s.

YouTube has many videos on all of these process and explains in detail how to accomplish these feats.